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Other activities

Holiday Village IVA is situated in the western part of the Rhodope Mountains, 49 km. from Velingrad and 4 km. by Sarnitsa. The holiday village is situated on the shore of lake Dospat 1,200 m. above sea level and an area of 13 000 m2. The complex has a small hotel with eight rooms and one suite. Next to the hotel part, sheltered among mountainous greenery are 9 functional in architecture and furniture bungalows. The holiday village has 6 luxury villas, offering comfort and coziness near the lake. INTERMACHINEX LTD is one of the leaders in the production and sale of wood pellets in Bulgaria. In early 2012 the company launched its new high tech and advanced enterprise for the production of pellets from timber biomass, which will position the company even more firmly on the market through production quality and efficiency.Inter Machinex Ltd. produces pellets from coniferous solid wood without additives and chemicals, one of the production advantages being an automated and dust-free process.
INTERMACHINEX LTD offers technical teaching equipment for secondary, professional and vocation schools, colleges and technical universities. It covers the whole range of technical branches as: electricity, electronics, autotronics, energy, mechanics, termotronics, telecommunications etc. The teaching equipment is offered in different forms as; units and stands with independent power supply, laboratories, simulators , trainers. All these forms are operated either manually or with computer controlled software, with SCADA and virtual instrumentation. INTERMACHINEX LTD is representing on Bulgarian education market the companies: EDIBON SA - Spain and DeLorenzo S.P.A.- Italy INTERMACHINEX LTD is representative of the Spanish company HIASA. It manufactures guardrails and road bridge facilities, buffers, silencing coatings for tunnels etc.All facilities are in compliance with requirements of EC for road facilities IAP2004 and road safety requirements EN BDS1317.

Intermachinex Ltd.

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40, Stamboliyski Blvd.
Sofia, Bulgaria

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