Grinding machines

The surface grinding machines are designed for flat grinding with the periphery or the face of the abrasive disk. The machines provide absolute accuracy and cleanness of the processed details at minimum waste of machine and handling time. The surface grinding machines do not differ in their main design, mechanisms and the working axes. At the same time they can process details different in sizes. The universal cylindrical grinding machines are designed to grind external and internal cylindrical and cone-shaped surfaces as well as end faces of rotary details such as bushes, shafts, axes, flanges and others. During external grinding the detail can be fixed between centers or in chuck. The grinding axle for outer grinding has precise hydrodynamic sliding bearings and the high-turn axle for inner grinding has precise rolling bearings. Our machines achieve roughness of a cylindrical surface Ra < 0,4 µm, constant diameter in cross section up to 0,0025 mm and constant diameter in longitudinal section up to 0,01 mm 

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